RpSp straight inclined platform lift

RPsp is made using high value material. All the exposed surfaces/parts (rail, platform, safety bars)
are made of anodized aluminium to guarantee you a rust free product. High precision
construction and a pleasant design confirm the ezcellence of our product. The rail design allows
to be in haemony with every environment and can be used as a handrail.

RPsp can be installed both on vertical stanchions as well as directly onto the wall.

RPsp (CE, TUV certified) is compliant to the European Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and
En81-40. The lift is fitted with anti-crushing and anti-shearing safety devices. An overload
sencor is also available as option. A rated load of 325kg and platform dimension up to 
1250x900mm make the RPsp nad actual heavy duty product

RPsp is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations (IP55 version is also available)
RPsp Dimentions
Technical Specifications
Rated load : Maximum 325 kg (0-36) - 250 kg (up to 45)
Speed : 0.07 m/s (0.14m/s for three-phase motor)
Power : 0.75 kw (max)
Power supply : 230 Voc 50/60 Hz single-phase
Standard platforms (LxW) : 860 mm x 650 mm, 860 mm x 710 mm,
1050 mm x 850 mm, 1250 mm x 850 mm 
Maximum travel : 40 m
Max angle of incline : Up to 45
Norm compliance : D.M.236/89; EN 81-40; TuV 103; Machine Drive 2006/42/EC
Certifications : TUV CE

*Customized paltform size
*Motorized opening/closing platform
*On wall remote control
*Outdoor version (IP55)
*High speed (0.14 m/x) version (soft start included 0.75 kw motor)
*Anti-blackout device (available with the high speed version only)
*Radio remote control
*Mobile long side flap  *Foldable seat  *Cover cloth

The RPSP is proof that powerful accessibility equipment 
can be much more than a tool—it can truly be a thing of beauty. 
With a sleek, European-inspired design, top-quality materials, 
innovative features, and unparalleled power, the RPSP is the 
platform that not only moves you—it inspires.

High level design which combines family feeling, functionality and elegance:
Soft colours, rounded shapes, minimum encumbrance, foldaway safety bars.
These are just some of the points which Soft colours, rounded shapes,
minimum encumbrance, foldaway safety bars. These are just some of the points which 
characterize the product and make it suitable for every environment.

Minimum encumbrance:

The machine requires only 285 mm depth and 1290 mm height. Undoubtedly, 
a good feature for private customers . 

Foldaway safety bars:
The safety bars of Supra Linea Linea and Supra can be folded down into the 
platform when not in use. This solution makes the machine extremely resistant
and prevents vandalism in public access areas.


Fast delivery, fast installation
The platform and rail can be installed in one working day.
Simply anchor the stanchions to the stairs (and to the wall if necessary),
place the rail on the stanchions, fit the carriage, machine body
platform to the rail and connect the machine to the
power supply. 

Adjustable stanchions allow accurate rail fixing and faster installation.

Whilst designing the machine our engineers also designed a
set of dedicated installation tools. These tools will 
make the handling of 
the machine easier and smoother
during the installation phase, e.g. a 
self standing support
and  2 short rail pieces already mounted on 
the Supra
carriage for an easy connection to the rest of the rail

Ergonomic controls and a wide range of options
An ergonomic human-machine interface and a complete 
range of options, allows each customer to find the right solution. 
Thanks to the fully automatic platform and the intermediate 
stops, the machine is suitable for every type of building. 
The optional features include: several platform sizes;
long side access; radio remote control; folding seat; 
visual and acoustic alarms and an auxiliary power system.
Ergonomic controls and a wide range of options
Supra Linea and Supra (CE certified, TUV type tested) are compliant
with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and
(when equipped with the optional Load Control Device) conform 
to EN 81-40. Both are equipped with anti-crush and anti-shearing 
safety devices.

Having carried out extensive durability tests during the machine
development phase, our engineers have designed two of the most 
robust and reliable products on the market. Supra Linea and 
Supra are designed for continuous use. The maximum capacity 
is 325 kg. This can controlled by an overload sensor as 
required by EN 81-40. 

Supra Linea and Supra can be installed indoors and outdoors.
The IP55 certified version is obligatory for outdoor installations.

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