Developed in collaboration with orthopedists and
physiotherapists, Levant is designed with great attention
to ergonomics as well as easy operation without sacrifi cing
elegance and high saftey standards.

Brochure Data

EASY INSTALLATION Levant is being installed within a few hours,without any works required to the walls of your home. With the wireless call & send stations, there will be no exposed cables or wires.
EASY-TO-USE Thanks to the ergonomically designed joystick, you are able to drive the chair in the desired direction eff ortlessly. With help of the wireless call & send stations you are able to call or send the chair to the desired fl oor. The seat of the Levant opens and closes with a simple gesture, reating more space when the lift is not in use.

HINGE RAIL   If the space infront of the stairs is limited due to a door opening or passage way, it is possible to equip the Levant with a hinge rail. The hinge rail allows the chair to be parked in the middle of the stairs and frees up space infront of the stairs.
SWIVEL SEAT  Once arrived at the landing, the chair swivels in the direction of the landing allowing you to get on and off the seat safe and
free from any hazards.

ANTI-CRUSH Levant is equipped with safety sensors which allows the chair to stop smoothly in case of any obstacles or obstructions on the stairs.
ANTI-BLACKOUT Levant is battery operated, allowing you to always complete your journey, even in the event of a power failure. The batteries will automatically recharge when the chair is parked at its charging stations.
COMFORT AND ELEGANT Levant Basic comes with vinyl upholstery which can be easily cleaned, an anti-slip footrest, ergonomic controls which provide ultimate comfort. The arm rests of Levant are designed to give you full support when getting on and off the chair. Going up and down the stairs has never been so easy!
Levant Outdoor
Resistant to harsh weather elements, Levant Outdoor is certifi ed for outdoor use. Levant Outdoor has an IPX5 protection which ensures total protection and resistance against the infi ltration of water and dust into the drive unit.
The chair, drive unit and joystick are water proof, the rails is made of anodized aluminium and uses stainless steel screws. Thanks to the infrared call & send stations, the stairs is completely free
of cables and wires, providing a nice and clean installation. The batteries in the drive unit are using a low voltage, and together with the anti-crush sensors they provide optimum protection.
Levant Outdoor is operated with a joystick which also functions as a key, allowing you to lock and prevent the unit against unauthorized use. Levant Outdoor comes standard with an easy to clean protective cover allowing you to cover the chair when not in use




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