Aritco 9000 is our cabin lift for the accessibility market. The lift is designed to meet all requirement for quality, safety and service. It is a perfect fit for tough and demanding environments such as schools, shops and residential buildings

Drive system Patenterad screw / nut system
Rated speed Max. 0.15 m/s
Landing control One touch call
Cabin control One touch call / Automatic
Technical compliance European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load 400 kg/5 persons
Number of stops Max. 6
Number of doors Max. 2 doors per stop
Pit 75 mm (with ramp no pit is needed)
Environment Indoor
Power supply 3-phase 400 50Hz/5.2 A/16 A slow, frequency control
Emergency lowering Battery driven
Control voltage 24 V
Motor 3 kW




The cabin is a light weight cabin made of wood and the walls are covered with laminate. The height of the cabin (floor to roof) is 2100 mm. Destination panel The destination panel is placed on the machine side (D-side) of the cabin.

Landing indicator
Digital display positioned at the destination panel. It shows which floor the lift is on at the moment. The indicator can also be fitted with a voice announcer available in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish. Voice: Basement, Ground floor, Floor 1-6 The landing indicator can also show information from

the system.
• Warning if the batteries are low.
• A bell when the alarm button has been pressed.
• Number of starts and total run time since installation
or since last reset.
• A weight symbol will appear if the lift is overloaded.
• If connected to the buildings fire alarm a “Fire” symbol will be shown when alarm is activated

Phone Re-open button and door close buttons

“Re-open button” and “door close button” according to EN81-70 are included
as standard.
Re-open button: identified by the symbol < I >
Close button : identified by the symbol > I <
Destination buttons

Destination buttons are according to EN81-70 and EN81-41 for disabled.The locations of the buttons are within the limits in the standard, i.e. heightbetween cabin floor and the center line of the buttons is within 1000-1200 mm.Buttons are square 28x28 mm. It is a stainless steel touch plate with black backgroundand signs in stainless steel. Signs and braille are embossing (brightened).Height of signs is 15 mm. The button comes with a background lit frame whichindicates if the destination button is pressed.Following buttons are available: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, B, G, K, P, U, E.

Alarm button

A standard alarm button is always delivered with the
lift. When it is pressed a buzzer sounds. This is only
a signal to the user that the button is pressed. The
alarm button may be connected to an external alarm
sounder or an autodialer.
As standard the cabin comes with a handrail on the machine side (D-side) in stainless
steel. The diameter of the handrail is 32 mm and it is placed/mounted 890 mm
above the cabin floor. The handrail has a straight shape and goes along the machine
side. It ends with a black plastic plug. Handrail brackets (fixings to the wall) made in
brushed stainless steel are delivered with the handrail.
As an option the handrail can be delivered in oak. The handrail in oak has a diamater
of 38 mm. The handrail bracket (fixings to the wall) are in stainless steel as when
ordering a stainess steel handrail.
Bump rail
To protect the cabin from getting damaged
when using it for goods bump rails in brushed
stainless steel can be ordered as an option.
The bump rail is a rectangualar tube Cutmounted
on the walls where there are no doors/openings
in the cabin. The stainless steel bump
rail ends with black plastic ends. The size of
the bump rails is 20x60 mm. The bump rails
can also be delivered in solid oak, 70x20 mm.
Dimensions 9000


he doors are made of toughened galvanized steel and laminated and toughened glass which is 8 mm thick for the full height and half height glass door, and 17.5 mm thick for the Double-hinged glass door. The default door color is RAL 9003 (Aritco white),but any other RAL color can be selected as an option. The door frame and door blade can be painted in the same color or the frame in one color and the blade in another color. For the same lift all doors must be painted in the same colour.
The door Full height
Dimensions 900x2000
Left or Right
Glass color: Clear, Frosted, Toned or Dark

RAL profiles: Yes, No or White
View: A,B or C
Access floor door: Yes or No
Profiles: Old or New
Series: Prime or Living
Opener or handle is not included
Length of platform: 805, 1280, 1480, 1580 or 1980
Width of plattform: 900, 1000 or1100
Opening width:
• Artico 9000: 900 mm
Opening height:
• Aritco 9000: 1900, 2000 mm
The actual height of the door is 20 mm higher since a plate that covers the joint
between the door and the frame is mounted on the door.
Installation: For indoor and outdoor lifts. Not in combination with half height door.

The cabin will be delivered with cabin doors. The cabin doors will be automatic folding doors, bus-type. Doors can be installed on A, B or C side or both A and C side. Landing doors (installed in shaft) will always have door opening width 900 mm, independently of which side of the shaft the door is installed. The standard opening height of the landing door is 2000 mm. As option landing doors can be delivered with opening height 1800 and 1900 mm.
Door and platform handle

The handle with a diameter of 30 mm is delivered as standard. The end of the handrail are closed and bended as curve.
• Anodized aluminum (standard)
• Stainless steel (option)
You can choose manual door opener or automatic door according to your style.
Internal door opener
Opens and closes the door automatically. It is built into the door frame and can't be seen from  the outside. Can be ordered as option. Standard for double hinged glass doors.

Internal door closer

Closes the door automatically after a preset time. It is built into the door frame and is invisible form the outside. Includes function to keep door open until the user manually closes the door. Standard for all doors except large glass doors with 50 mm frametop.
Key switch on platform

Key switch placed on destination panel. The key switch locks the platform functions and prohibits unauthorized use. One
key switch per platform can be provided. The key switch can be serial connected to all destination buttons or the key
switch is connected to one destination button.

Two brands to choose from:
• ASSA (Nordic markets only). Aritco only delivers the housing, Aritco does not deliver the locking cylinder.
• Telemecanique Can be ordered as option.

Door faceplate

The door faceplate can be placed directly on the door frame or externally in an external call station box. The door faceplate is painted in the same colour as the door frame. Standard colour is RAL 9003 (Aritco white), if the door frame is painted in another colour the faceplate will be painted in the same colour.
Arrival gong (optional)

The arrival gong gives an audible signal (ding dong) when the platform arrives at each landing. It is placed in the door frame on each landing. Can be ordered as an option.
Ramp (optional)

If the lift is installed without a pit a ramp is mandatory according to EN81.41. The ramp is made of galvanized steel covered with corrugated aluminum to prevent slipping. The vertical rise of the ramp is less than 1:4. The ramp can be ordered as an option for lifts installed without a pit. Ramp dimensions for Aritco 7000: Height 50 mm, width 420 mm, length 1160 mm. Ramp dimensions for Aritco 9000: 75 mm height.

Remote control

The telephone work as a standard telephone but is intended for emergency calls. The phone is mounted on the platform panel. Equipped with redial memory, mute button and a lamp indicator for on/off. Can be equipped with a GSM module. Aritco does not supply SIM card.



The screw must be oiled at regular intervals. 
Automatic Lubrication. Oils the driving screw at regulated time intervals even if the lift is not in use. The lubrication frequency is adjustable. Standard for Aritco 9000. Option for Aritco 7000. Standard for lifts with a travel height of over 8000 mm. Recommended for lifts that are seldom used or that are not used regularly to travel from ground to top floor.

Battery operated emergency lowering

All Aritco lifts have battery operated emergency lowering as standard. You can lower yourself from inside the lift and get out by yourself when there is a power failure. Possible to run the lift to nearest level from the platform/cabin (possible to go down)
- Executed when pressing a platform/cabin button. Can also be run externally from the call button (hold to run) or service box.

Lubrication The screw must be oiled at regular intervals.

Manual Lubrication. A brush fixed to the platform oils the screw when using the lift (a tray with lubrication oil in the bottom of the shaft). Standard for Aritco 7000. Automatic Lubrication. Oils the driving screw at regulated time intervals even if the lift is not in use. The lubrication frequency is adjustable. Standard for Aritco 9000. Option for Aritco 7000. Standard for lifts with a travel height of over 8000 mm. Recommended for lifts that are seldom used or that are not used regularly to travel from ground to top floor.

Power supply

For Aritco 9000 the following is valid:
3-phase 400V / 5.2 A / 16 A slow
• Frequency converter with built in soft start and soft stop
• Frequency 50 or 60 H

Cabin walls

Standard wall laminate for machine side is black with small embossed dots. For the other walls, where there are no doors standard laminate is white grey. As an option you can chose from a range of different laminates in different colours. Choose the same colour for all cabin walls or choose one colour for the machine side and another colour for the remaining walls. Not valid for option Stainless steel plates 1 mm.


Choose between the following options for vinyl, rubber and aluminium floorings:
Standard : Beige Vinyl , Blue Vinyl , Sand Vinyl , Grey Vinyl , European oak  Vinyl , Classic Beech Vinyl
Option : Checker Stud – Blue Rubber , Checker Stud – Black  Rubber ,  Aluminum*

*Aluminum flooring is not available for Aritco 7000 platform 900x1040 mm or for Aritco 9000.

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